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  • A tradition of innovation
  • Committed employees
  • Ambitious junior staff
  • Ideas concept and design
  • Simulation and testing
  • Mould construction worldwide
  • Injection Moulding - machine capacities from 35 to 2.400 t
  • Assembly in Germany, Czech Republic and Hungary
  • Logistics just in time and just in sequence

What we do with joy brings joy to the world

Oberkotzau, 16/12/2016, Mona Wunschel, PR and Marketing

2016-12-16 Weihnachtsspende mwu kleinHappiness often springs from attention to the little things.
(Wilhelm Busch)
Representatives from kindergartens in Oberkotzau, four kindergarten teachers, a pastor and the mayor met with GEALAN Formteile Managing Director Thomas Fickenscher once again this year.

People Must Come First

Publication: FP special interest page topic “Gesund im Unternehmen” (“Healthy at Work”) / Special interest page 2 on 15 November 2016
Author: Michael Ertel, Topic: Article: “Best Practice GEALAN”, Date: 08/11/2016

2016 11 gfThe GEALAN Formteile Group values and respects its employees

‘Burnout’ is not a short-lived phenomenon that will only exist until we have grown accustomed to the faster pace and denser workloads in the modern world of work. To reduce pressure in the workplace and achieve a harmonious and motivating working atmosphere in the long run, our actions must be sustainable – and that begins with leadership behaviour within the company.


Frankenpost, 20/9/2016, Business

GEALAN AWARDED 100-MILLION-EURO ORDERAutomaker BMW chooses Upper Franconians. They won out against tough competitors in a hard-fought market.

GEALAN³ – Top Training for Talents.

Oberkotzau, 1/9/2016, Claudia Gronwald, PR and Marketing

gealan3The GEALAN Formteile training concept.
GEALAN ³ - Top Training for Talents.
GEALAN trains talent for the future and views its training programme as a key development process for young people!  – New options for entry-level candidates.

Trainee project helps create Tour de France feeling

Oberkotzau, 11 July 2016, Julia Kropf, Industrial Clerk trainee and Fan Zone Project Manager

2016-07-26 FankurveAzubisThe Fan Zone trainee project will be held again this year for the 11th time.
The project is planned and organized by all of GEALAN’s first and second-year trainees. The great thing about the project is that it enables trainees to get to know one another better, take on responsibility, learn to work in a team and experience first-hand what it really means to organize an event of this nature.

Congratulations on the 10-year anniversary of GEALAN Czech s.r.o.

Oberkotzau, 05/2016, Gerhard Laubmann, Management, Claudia Gronwald, PR and Marketing

GEALAN CZ mwuKLIt’s actually been 10 years already!
The registrar of companies documents: GEALAN Czech s.r.o. was founded on 5 April 2006
Now GEALAN Formteile GmbH and its subsidiary GEALAN Czech s.r.o. can look back on a decade of shared company history.

Time for the GEALAN project space topping out ceremony!

Oberkotzau, 01/05/2016, Claudia Gronwald, PR and Marketing

Richtfest cgThe topping out ceremony marked an important milestone for GEALAN Formteile in the construction of the company’s project space in Oberkotzau. The shell of the building and roof structure are complete.

Credit where credit is due

Oberkotzau, 29/04/2016, Claudia Gronwald, PR

Studenten mwuKLPraise, recognition and a small token of appreciation costs so little yet can do so much. Do we praise our employees enough? Do we give employees and colleagues the credit they deserve for all the work they do?
An excellent, justified question.

Bavarian Minister of Economics visits Automobiltechnikum in Hof / Fraunhofer Application Centre Hof notified of €2.5 million grant

Oberkotzau, 03/2016, Claudia Gronwald, PR and Marketing, Bav. Ministry of Economics:

DSC 0058 cg klBavarian Minister of Economics Ilse Aigner visited Automobiltechnikum Bayern GmbH in Hof, Bavaria’s centre for innovation in the automotive industry, to learn more about the testing facility for automotive suppliers and its development.
Accompanied by representatives from politics and business, she watched a demonstration of the ‘glove box’ test bench performed by Managing Director Gerd Laubmann and his colleagues, and also gained insight into the collaboration between GEALAN and ATB.

Gealan Formteile: Injection moulding company expands

KI Kunststoff Information, Bad Homburg, Tuesday, 12 January 2016

GEALAN Projekthaus Plan 2016 800GEALAN Formteile GmbH (Oberkotzau) is investing around €1.3 million to meet its need for additional office space.


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