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GEALAN BAND Rocked Out for that Little Bit “Extra” for SySTEP

Oberkotzau, 12/10/2017, Mona Wunschel, PR and Marketing

2017-10-12 ScheckübergabeSystep mwuKLThe second GEALAN benefit concert on 22 September was a resounding success!
A good 200 guests rocked out at the Hofer Rockwerk together with the GEALAN Band for a good cause!

SySTEP is a non-profit organization that helps children and young adults. The organization’s objective is to spread systemic and experience-based educational ideas and methods to help the socially disadvantaged.
“Come to think of it, SySTEP is also a lot like a band,” SySTEP’s Educational Director Peter Herrmann said on the evening of the event.
“Michael Wilfert and I founded SySTEP in 2013. Our instruments include systemic and experience-based educational work, both of which harmonize well together. Today we have grown into a large orchestra and I think we also play beautiful music together, only we use different instruments.”

SySTEP receives state funding, as does the Froschbachtal youth help organization, which opened in early September.
“Unfortunately, state funding often is not enough for that little bit “extra” that we very much want to provide,” Michael Wilfert tells us.
GEALAN Formteile is very pleased with the second benefit concert. The funds raised by the concert were rounded up by the management, enabling Michael Wilfert to receive a check for €1,500 today. Now his organization is really ready to rock and roll!


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