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  • A tradition of innovation
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Congratulations on the 10-year anniversary of GEALAN Czech s.r.o.

Oberkotzau, 05/2016, Gerhard Laubmann, Management, Claudia Gronwald, PR and Marketing

GEALAN CZ mwuKLIt’s actually been 10 years already!
The registrar of companies documents: GEALAN Czech s.r.o. was founded on 5 April 2006

Now GEALAN Formteile GmbH and its subsidiary GEALAN Czech s.r.o. can look back on a decade of shared company history. Both companies have remained together through thick and thin.

GEALAN Czech s.r.o. is an incredibly important for our group’s competitive edge. The blend of in some cases highly complex and automated processes in the German locations and the wage-cost-intense value creation out of the Czech Republic is what makes both so powerful and the partnership so valuable. The commitment in the Czech Republic created jobs at local sites in Oberkotzau and Hof – because all of the work that is carried out in Aš is preceded by a production process in Plant I or Plant II in Upper Franconia. The management has always valued this synergy and considered it a part of the corporate strategy.

The location’s proximity to Aš, which is just a 25-minute drive away, is a huge advantage – not just in terms of logistics costs. At the beginning of 2008 GEALAN Formteile GmbH bought an old boiler house in the city of Aš for the symbolic amount of one Czech crown in order to completely renovate it and use it for production. This expansion comprises just over 1,000 sqm. There are currently 42 employees here who make a decisive contribution to the success of the company.

The subsidiary is responsible for manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic assembly, welding and finishing processes in automotive and fluid engineering and has been led by Plant Manager Stefan Schindler since 2012.

The series launch of the glovebox for the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer was a major milestone achieved in 2014. Since then, GEALAN has successfully supplied the BMW plants in Leipzig and Regensburg with just-in-sequence production. The glovebox for the new Mini will roll off the assembly line in Aš at the end of 2016.

Planning and implementing new launches will continue to be exciting challenges for Stefan Schindler and his team in the future.


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