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Credit where credit is due

Oberkotzau, 29/04/2016, Claudia Gronwald, PR

Studenten mwuKLPraise, recognition and a small token of appreciation costs so little yet can do so much. Do we praise our employees enough? Do we give employees and colleagues the credit they deserve for all the work they do?
An excellent, justified question.

The management at GEALAN Formteile would like to answer this question with a resounding YES on 29 April 2016, congratulate students on the successful completion of their degrees and honour them with an award for outstanding theses:
Antonia Eckl, Graduate Engineer, Mechanical Engineering, Robin Fick and Christian Pflug, both dual Bachelors specializing in Mechatronics/Mechanical Engineering and Process Mechanics/System Materials, respectively

Successful graduates:
Antonia Eckl, Robin Fick, Christian Pflug

“We already had a good feeling during the interview and we weren’t mistaken,” explained Managing Partner Thomas Fickenscher and Managing Director Gerhard Laubmann as they opened the ceremony.
“These young people have fully met our expectations and developed into excellent employees. Their project partners in China and Belgium and non-specialists were convinced by their performance,” he continued.
Fickenscher honoured their achievements, both in completing a dual studies program as well as a traditional course of university studies.
Gerhard Laubmann was pleased “to have the youthful potential the fresh graduates bring to the pool of talent and to know that they will be able to accept leadership responsibilities in the coming years.”

Graduate Engineer Antonia Eckl finished her vocational training as a Technical Draftswoman first, then continued with her studies in Mechanical Engineering. She defined her project work, which was recognized as the best dissertation in the Mechanical Engineering and Automotive Engineering Department at the Coburg University of Applied Sciences in 2015 , as follows:
“In general, the idea was to develop an equalizing tank for heating systems, that is to say a tank in which the fluctuating water volume can be equalized by the change in temperature generated during heating without the noise generated by the closed heating system.  Naturally, plastic is the best material for the concept model of this tank. She simultaneously developed a development guide in the dissertation that used some complex product and idea creation methods such as TRIZ, WOIS and LOCOS combined with simple tools like brainstorming.

Robin Fick, whose motto is “a solution can be found to any problem”, chose a dual studies Bachelor’s program in Mechatronics paired with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Thanks to his involvement in the Formula Student Project at the Hof University of Applied Sciences, he already had an opportunity to gain valuable experience in planned, effective, interdisciplinary teamwork. He is currently involved in project-based work in Industrial Engineering and focusing on his Master’s Degree.

Christian Pflug is a Process Mechanic. He studied Materials Engineering in the dual studies program and is on his way to obtaining a Master’s Degree. He was pleased to receive the RAUMEDIC Award from the Hof University of Applied Sciences. His Bachelor’s thesis focused on the development of an actuator for a multiway valve. The valve is designed to guide hot water on demand to the hot water circuit or a heat exchanger for heating potable water.

The research he conducted during his studies helped Christian Pflug develop new approaches to the subject, thereby promoting development in this area.


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