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  • A tradition of innovation
  • Committed employees
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  • Ideas concept and design
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GEALAN Now Issue 01.18

Oberkotzau, 27.02.2017, PR und Werbung

newsletter18-01Rapid growth in Hungary

GEALAN HungaryPlast Kft. is expanding its production and warehouse footprint.
The new production space in our plant GEALAN HungaryPlast Kft. is the size of a football field – a whopping 5,000 square metres. The rapid growth and positive development of our Hungarian subsidiary made it necessary to expand the plant there ahead of schedule.


GEALAN Now Issue 04.17

Oberkotzau, 13.12.2017, PR und Werbung

newsletter17-04The quietest place at GEALAN

Our GEALAN CAXsolutions GmbH specializes in engineering services and has already invested a good 300,000 euros in its lab.
One of these innovations is an acoustic measurement booth – a surprisingly quiet place – that now allows us to offer enhanced development and additional skills.
What can these services offer you and how can this sound enclosure benefit us all?


GEALAN Now Issue 03.17

Oberkotzau, 15.08.2017, PR und Werbung

newsletter17-02It’s time to say THANK YOU.

Our thanks goes out to the people who have accompanied us on our company’s path and helped shape it over the past five years, all of our business partners, suppliers and customers
and – especially – our employees. Mutual trust and esteem create a healthy dose of motivation. Moreover, personal dedication and loyalty make a very special contribution to success. We would not have been able to receive the award as one of Bavaria’s Best again this year without this solid foundation.


GEALAN Now Issue 02.17

Oberkotzau, 25.04.2017, PR und Werbung

newsletter17-02It’s All in the Mix!

We manufacture and assemble a distributor component for a German OEM’s air conditioning system. We do precisely this in Germany – a high-cost country – and we do it successfully. Assembly is performed by our motivated team using intelligent assembly planning – making us highly competitive!
We have now produced over 3.8 million systems comprising over 110 million separate components.
But why do we manufacture our products in a high-cost country like Germany – especially when GEALAN has locations in the Czech Republic and Hungary?
The answer: It’s all in the mix!


GEALAN Now Issue 01.17

Oberkotzau, 24.01.2017, PR und Werbung

newsletter17-01Be Successful! Remain Compassionate.

“Be successful! Remain compassionate.” – It sounds so simple and so logical. Unfortunately, reality is often quite different. But shouldn’t this be our mission? Here is a short story to illustrate our point…


GEALAN Now Issue 10.16

Oberkotzau, 24.11.2016, PR und Werbung

newsletter16-10Best cost country – Know where it is!

Many factors determine the best location for production. So it’s wrong to simply differentiate between low cost countries as “cheap” and high cost countries as “expensive”. The most important thing is to determine which production location offers a clear competitive advantage and the greatest possible benefits for the customer. This is called the “best cost country”.
With our locations in Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic, we are already “at home” in three best cost countries.
Our Plant I in Oberkotzau in northern Bavaria is an example of how production – in this case a loudspeaker assembly – can be done cost effectively using complex, fully automated processes. The supposedly expensive location is thus the cheapest and therefore the best location.


GEALAN Now Issue 09.16

Oberkotzau, 27.09.2016, PR und Werbung

newsletter16-09GEALAN Office in Munich

Change can be a wonderful thing!

Especially when it comes about due to success and new, ground breaking projects. Customer proximity is an absolute must in light of the increasingly intensive integration in development processes.
Just a few minutes’ walk from the BMW Group’s Research and Engineering Center, FIZ, now we Upper Franconians also feel a bit at home in Munich.


GEALAN Now Issue 08.16

Oberkotzau, 25.08.2016, PR und Werbung

newsletter16-08Non-stop simulation
FEM – Finite Element Method

GEALAN began implementing modern simulation methods years ago. As early as the turn of the millennium, GEALAN began using CAE-assisted product development with filling and process simulation. GEALAN gradually expanded its simulation portfolio, later adding FEM and CFD simulation methods, so that the company now has a broad spectrum of software and knowledge at its fingertips. In this issue of our newsletter we will look more closely at the simulation possibilities available in the area of FEM.


GEALAN Now Issue 07.16

Oberkotzau, 19.07.2016, PR und Werbung

newsletter16-07High Franconia, a better Bavaria?

Today’s newsletter features an article about the many pleasant characteristics of this area for the working population.
Moreover, Wirtschaftsregion Hochfranken e.V., a local association that promotes business in High Franconia, has created an exciting image film about our region – and we are a part of it: GEALAN Formteile GmbH. Learn more about this in today’s newsletter.


GEALAN Now Issue 06.16

Oberkotzau, 28.06.2016, PR und Werbung

newsletter16-06Dimensionally stable and rigid – Presentation for the
12th EMS-Chemie (Germany) Vertriebs GmbH Conference

An event on the topic of “Polyamides in the Automobile” was held on the occasion of the 12th annual EMS-Chemie Conference in Switzerland. Our colleague, Peter Skala, Head of Tools and Process Management, gave a lecture on the subject of “GEALAN and MuCell® – Physical Foaming with Grivory”.
Learn more about this in today’s newsletter.


GEALAN Now Issue 05.16

Oberkotzau, 24.05.2016, PR und Werbung

newsletter16-05Congratulations! 10-year anniversary of GEALAN Czech

The registrar of companies documents: GEALAN Czech s.r.o. was founded on 05/04/2006. GEALAN Formteile GmbH and its subsidiary GEALAN Czech s.r.o. can look back on a decade of shared company history during which both companies remained together through thick and thin. In this newsletter, we want to share with you information on how our subsidiary has evolved.


GEALAN Now Issue 04.16

Oberkotzau, 26.04.2016, PR und Werbung

newsletter16-03GEALAN wishes you a wonderful start to the summer!

We’re beginning this early summer full of energy and are happy about the positive development of our project business.
The construction of our GEALAN project space with room for over 80 workstations is in full swing. But what does GEALAN stand for and what do we want to achieve? In this issue we would like to tell you what drives us by formulating our mission, our vision and our objectives.


GEALAN Now Issue 03.16

Oberkotzau, 31.03.2016, PR und Werbung

newsletter16-03Plastics under pressure – GEALAN tests the limits

Our plastic parts fulfil important functions in a variety of industrial applications – whether in the field of building and water heating technology or automotive engineering. So it is crucial to understand just how rugged the parts we use are.
The GEALAN Xbody test specimen, which we developed in house, enables us to easily perform rapid, precise analyses and validate new materials. This issue of our newsletter includes a feature article on GEALAN Xbody technology.


GEALAN Now Issue 02.16

Oberkotzau, 29.02.2016, PR und Werbung

newsletter16-02CAX and ATB – State-of-the-art test bench technology and a strong partnership

Before our plastic parts are installed in vehicles or heating and hot water applications, we test their resiliency under real and extreme conditions. This is because we understand that industry demands regarding safety, comfort and durability are higher than ever.  To meet these high expectations we work closely with the Automobiltechnikum in Hof, Bavaria’s centre for innovation in the automotive industry and an independent, accredited testing facility. This issue of our newsletter includes a feature article on this strong partnership and its synergies.


GEALAN Now Issue 01.16

Oberkotzau, 26.01.2016, PR und Werbung

newsletter16-012016 – faster, higher, further?

In just 30 years GEALAN has grown from a small company into an attractive employer with over 600 employees – yet has remained a family-owned business. Steady growth to nearly €70 million today confirms both our foresight and courage. Investments secure our future.


GEALAN Now Issue 09.15

Oberkotzau, 26.11.2015, PR und Werbung

newsletter15-9MuCell® technology – Components with unbeatable properties

MuCell® is a microcellular process technology. Unlike conventional injection moulding, nitrogen or carbon dioxide is added to the melt in this process. This forms a foam structure on the inside of the component that offers numerous advantages.


GEALAN Now Issue 08.15

Oberkotzau, 22.10.2015, PR und Werbung

newsletter08 picGEALAN with a powerful presence
…at AUTOMOTIVE HUNGARY 2015 in Hungary

It has been half a year since we celebrated the opening of our new company location in Székesfehérvár in April 2015.
All that hard work has paid off. Production got off to a great start and the team on site is working well together. We currently employ 70 people at the plant, which is over 9,000 sqm in size.
In this issue we are pleased to inform you of our activities at our production site in Hungary.


GEALAN Now Issue 07.15

Oberkotzau, 22.09.2015, PR und Werbung

p1Plastic welding at GEALAN -
Long-lasting, high-quality joints

In light of growing customer demands, we not only focus on developing and producing high-quality plastic parts. We also accept responsibility for entire assemblies and components. This is why plastic welding plays such an important role here at GEALAN. Learn more about this topic in today’s newsletter.


GEALAN Now Issue 06.15

Oberkotzau, 25.08.2015, PR und Werbung

newsletter 2015 06Large-scale machine – 2,400 t clamping force: Power for large parts

Large plastic parts are quite common, both in the automotive sector and in other industries.
In this issue we are pleased to inform you of our activities in the large-scale machine sector.


GEALAN Now Issue 04.15

Oberkotzau, 19.06.2015, PR und Werbung

bild 148 variants – just-in-sequence!

We recently reported on developments surrounding the BMW 2 Series glovebox.
In today’s issue we will inform you how we carry out daily business operations – production and just-in-sequence assembly.


GEALAN Now Issue 03.15

Oberkotzau, 19.05.2015, PR und Werbung

gealannow3 2GEALAN PUR sealing foam technology!


GEALAN Now Issue 02.15

Oberkotzau, 09.04.2015, PR und Werbung

bild1Our first "own" glovebox


GEALAN Now Issue 01.15

Oberkotzau, 23.02.2015, PR und Werbung

bild1"Made in Hungary"
- starting now, this also applies to GEALAN


GEALAN Now Issue 01.14

Oberkotzau, 20.08.2014, PR und Werbung

gealannow14 01A big thing for GEALAN
MuCell bubbles in plastic components
We seek the limits Xbody
open innovation The solution for flexible installation space requirements -Xpand



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