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Student Visit – Operational Excellence

Oberkotzau, 23/01/2018, Henning Gruschwitz, Assistant to the Management


23 international students from the Hof University of Applied Sciences and their accompanying professor, Dr. Werner, received a tour of GEALAN Formteile, Plant I in Oberkotzau as part of an excursion on the topic of Operational Excellence.

The students majoring in this subject all have a background in engineering or economics and are learning more about the areas of Supply Chain Management and Production following initial practical experience. As a result, there were many questions to answer about the machines and products during the tour. Some of the participants were already familiar with the injection moulding process, so they were able to discuss related issues with confidence. They also cooperated during the “GEALAN” and “Digitization at GEALAN” presentations and talked about the advantages and disadvantages of a connected world of work.

The response was positive because many of the students are already interested in an internship, summer job or writing their thesis at GEALAN.


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