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Dull grey becomes bright green-orange: GEALAN’s “KINDERHÄNDE” event

Oberkotzau, 5 September 2017, Claudia Gronwald, PR and Advertising


This dull grey sight’s days are numbered!
GEALAN Formteile organized the KINDERHÄNDE (CHILDREN’S HANDS) project to improve the appearance of an electrical enclosure in front of the company site in Oberkotzau.
Hands are important! They feel, work hard, can clap, wave, be folded, touch, initiate contact... it is especially meaningful when hands reach out to each other and something is created in the spirit of unity.
Following an idea contest organized by the company on how to improve the appearance of an electrical enclosure, a suggestion from Head of Human Resources and Organization, Katharina Thate, convinced the decision panel.
Basically organically grown from our own ranks, she joined our company as a working student, completed her Bachelor’s Thesis here, proved herself as Assistant to the Management, completed her Master’s Degree while working, established and led the Organization Department and took over as Head of Human Resources following her maternity leave. She felt it made sense to improve the appearance of the electrical enclosure with the hand prints of employee’s children as a symbol of family friendliness and mutual growth.
Around 20 children from seven months to eleven years of age and their GEALAN parents met at the headquarters to place their hands on film for a collage that would improve the drab appearance of the electrical enclosure. – They did a great job!
The hand prints were collected and signed and are now featured together on the electrical enclosure next to the bus stop on Hofer Straße, much to the delight of passers-by, commuters and the entire GEALAN staff.
This project not only shows our company’s friendliness towards families, it also underscores our positive working atmosphere. The GEALAN world was in children’s hands for a few hours and the hand print art day was a wonderful project that was a lot of fun for everyone.


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